Silicone Pads: The Science Behind Them, Why They Work & Much More

We all know that as we get older, the more start to creep up on our face, neck and check to count the most prominent places. It all starts from your chest and works it way up your face. Before you know it, they say age has caught up on you. Why is the question here and how can you stop this. If your like us you probably have spent a fortune of time and money on facial regimen…. and despite all, now this. The good news is that there is a new solution in town that will cost you less and merely add nothing more than a minute to your nightly routine. This has been the secret of plastic surgeons and beauticians for years, with strong roots in science and multiple applications in the medical fields, silicone has been very useful in treating skin conditions, working swiftly and effectively to give silky smooth décolleté, neck or facial skin desired.

What Are Silicone Chest Pads?

Silicone chest pads or décolleté pads come commonly as triangular, hourglass shaped, funnel stick on patches that you stick to the area of skin needed to be treated, mostly face, chest, collar bone down to the cleavage. These are very effective anti-aging skincare tools that help smooth, moisturize skin, and visibly ironing out , marks and fine lines. They not only smooth out present , they also prevent the décolleté from growing new lines and by holding the skin firm and preventing friction and folding. Furthermore they help lock in moisture, hydrating and drawing up drawing up moisture from deep within the skin to plump skin, rejuvenate and supple skin surface texture

Benefits Of Silicone Chest Pads

Judging from real world results and testimonies received world over from people just like you who have experienced the gentle but far reaching actions of a Silicone Chest Pad, there are lots of reasons to love the silicone pad. Lets look at the 3 most important

Silicone Pads Smooth Existing Fine Lines

The skin of your décolletage is delicate and prone to dryness and thinning as we age. Sleeping on your side, exposure to direct sunlight and just plain daily stresses all affect your skin texture and it’s mainly among the first skin parts of the body to start showing signs of aging. Silicone is not new in the world of dermatology. In fact, silicone gel sheets have been used as medical treatment for skin conditions involving scaring for decades, meaning its healing properties have been well known for some time. Luckily, in recent years, companies like TellGrade in the beauty industry has taken it a step further and harnessed the power of structured silicone to deeply rejuvenate loose or creased skin. Simply making use of an anti-wrinkle chest pad for just one night can make Hugh visible difference in the appearance of crepey skin, sleeping compression lines and scars—but use for a week or more, and the resulting changes to your skin can be really stunning.

Anti Wrinkle Pads Prevent New Wrinkles From Forming

A woman’s décolleté is specifically prone to wrinkles due the weight of the breast and our persistent habit of sleeping on our side. Chest wrinkles are caused by the forces of gravity and friction that acts between the skin and the bed we sleep. The more busty a woman is the more prone to chest wrinkles the woman tends to be. Every night presents an opportunity for prevention since sleeping on ones side or stomach is the sure way of developing wrinkles, compression lines or crepey skin on the décolleté, due to the breasts pressing against each other and against the bed. Using the protection of a silicone pad, its now possible to prevent the skin from folding and creasing while also maintaining skin hydration, which help protect against dry skin, crepey skin and also help bounce back already .

Decollete Pads Deeply Hydrate and Rejuvenate

We all know that properly hydrated skin looks cuter, younger and fresher— and a silicone pad may just be the pass to a more youthful complexion on your décolleté skin. The key behind silicone’s unique powers is in the underlining science. Silicone is made through the combination of silicon, oxygen atoms, carbon and hydrogen, plus sometimes other elements to condition the Silicone atoms. TellGrade has taken this technology further to produce a truly remarkable product. Silicone’s unique molecular structure creates a kind of microclimate which forms a protective layer, a skin barrier which pulls moisture from deep within the lower tissues and skin layers. So in conclusion, by wearing TellGrade hydrating silicone pads you will not only improve your skin texture in short term, but will also make your skin firmer, much softer, very more lively-looking skin over the long term.

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