Revitalize Your Look with Long-lasting LipSense Lip Colors

Revitalize Your Look with Long-lasting LipSense Lip Colors


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8.6/10 (Expert Score)
Product is rated as #25 in category Canada

Longevity (Score: 9/10)

When it comes to staying power, the New Sealed LipSense SeneGence COLORS/GLOSS doesn't disappoint. I put this lip color to the test, wearing it through a long workday and even a dinner date afterward. To my amazement, it remained vibrant and flawless from morning till night. No need for constant touch-ups, and it survived sips of coffee and bites of my favorite meal. The long-lasting quality truly impressed me.

Color Variety (Score: 8/10)

With a wide array of shades and gloss options, the LipSense collection offers a good variety of choices. Whether you prefer classic nudes or bold, statement-making colors, there's something for everyone. However, I would love to see even more unique and daring shades added to the lineup to cater to those seeking a truly distinctive look.

Pigmentation (Score: 9/10)

One of the standout features of LipSense is its exceptional pigmentation. The colors are rich and intense with just a single application. You can achieve your desired level of intensity by layering the product, making it versatile for various occasions and moods. The pigmentation truly sets LipSense apart from many other lip color brands on the market.

Smudge Resistance (Score: 9/10)

Smudging and feathering are common concerns with lip color, especially during long days. However, LipSense proved to be remarkably smudge-resistant. Even after several hours of wear, it stayed in place without bleeding or smearing. This feature is a game-changer for those who want a lip color that can handle the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Application Ease (Score: 8/10)

While LipSense offers fantastic results, the application process does come with a bit of a learning curve. It's crucial to follow the recommended steps for the best outcome, including using the LipSense Gloss to seal the color. Once you get the hang of it, the application becomes easier, but beginners might find it a tad challenging initially. Clearer instructions or tutorials would be a helpful addition.

In conclusion, the New Sealed LipSense SeneGence COLORS/GLOSS ❤YOU CHOOSE Product❤ is a top-notch choice for those seeking long-lasting lip colors with impressive pigmentation and smudge resistance. While it offers a fantastic variety of shades, a few more unique options would make it even more appealing. With a bit of practice, the application process becomes more manageable, and the results are well worth the effort. Say goodbye to constant touch-ups and hello to all-day, vibrant lip color that stays put.

Color Variety
Smudge Resistance
Application Ease
    • Impressive longevity, lasting up to 18 hours
    • Wide variety of lip color shades and gloss options to choose from
    • Exceptional pigmentation, delivering rich and intense colors
    • High smudge resistance, even during long wear
    • Versatile application for achieving desired intensity
    • Glossy finish for added appeal
    • Suitable for those who prefer long-lasting lip color without frequent touch-ups
    • Limited availability of unique and daring shades
    • Initial learning curve for application
    • Some may find the product relatively pricey compared to other lip colors
    • Requires the use of LipSense Gloss for sealing, adding an extra step to the application process
    • May not be suitable for those looking for a more natural, subtle lip color option

Long-lasting LipSense lip colors

Revitalize Your Look with Long-lasting LipSense Lip Colors

Price: $35.16
(as of Tue Sep 12 2023 11:40:31 GMT-0400 (East­ern Day­light Time) — Details)

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Long-last­ing lip col­ors offer vibrant and endur­ing beau­ty that keeps you look­ing flaw­less all day.

Unlock the beau­ty of long-last­ing LipSense lip col­ors today and let your lips do the talk­ing! Choose your shade now for endur­ing allure. 💄💋


  • Vibrant & Endur­ing: Long-last­ing LipSense lip col­ors stay vibrant and fresh for up to 18 hours, so you can con­fi­dent­ly rock your look all day.
  • Ver­sa­tile Selec­tion: With a wide vari­ety of shades and gloss options to choose from, you’ll find the per­fect match for any occa­sion.
  • Intense Pig­men­ta­tion: Our lip col­ors are high­ly pig­ment­ed, deliv­er­ing rich and intense hues that make your lips pop.

  • No Smudg­ing: Say good­bye to smudged lip col­or. LipSense is smudge-resis­tant, ensur­ing your look stays flaw­less.

  • Easy Appli­ca­tion: Achieve your desired inten­si­ty with ease. LipSense’s ver­sa­tile appli­ca­tion allows you to con­trol the col­or.

  • Glossy Fin­ish: Add a touch of glam­our to your make­up with LipSense’s glossy fin­ish that enhances your over­all look.

  • Safe & Cru­el­ty-Free: For­mu­lat­ed with­out wax and GMOs, LipSense is cru­el­ty-free and safe for your skin.

  • Sun Pro­tec­tion: Our lip col­ors con­tain sun pro­tec­tion, pro­vid­ing an added lay­er of lip care.

  • Water­proof: LipSense is water­proof, so you can enjoy wor­ry-free wear even on rainy days or at the beach.

  • Full-Sized: Each prod­uct is full-sized at 0.25 oz, ensur­ing you get plen­ty of use from your favorite shade.

  • Assort­ed Shades: With assort­ed shades avail­able, there’s some­thing for every­one’s pref­er­ences.

  • Made in the USA: Trust in the qual­i­ty of Sene­gence Lip Col­or, proud­ly made in the Unit­ed States.

  • Beau­ty Essen­tial: LipSense is the per­fect addi­tion to your beau­ty rou­tine, giv­ing you that turns heads.



Many indi­vid­u­als face the ongo­ing chal­lenge of main­tain­ing beau­ti­ful and vibrant lip col­or through­out the day. Tra­di­tion­al lip­sticks often require fre­quent touch-ups due to smudg­ing, fad­ing, or trans­fer­ring onto cups, clothes, or skin. This con­stant reap­pli­ca­tion can be time-con­sum­ing and incon­ve­nient, espe­cial­ly for those with active lifestyles.

More­over, find­ing a lip col­or that not only lasts but also pro­vides a wide range of shades and fin­ish­es can be a daunt­ing task. The quest for a lip prod­uct that is both long-last­ing and ver­sa­tile can lead to frus­tra­tion and wast­ed mon­ey on prod­ucts that do not deliv­er as promised.

Fur­ther­more, some con­sumers are con­cerned about the safe­ty of cos­met­ics, includ­ing the pres­ence of harm­ful ingre­di­ents such as wax and GMOs in lip prod­ucts. They seek cos­met­ics that are not only effec­tive but also free from poten­tial­ly harm­ful sub­stances, reflect­ing their com­mit­ment to well­ness and eth­i­cal con­sump­tion.

To address these needs and prob­lems, “New Sealed LipSense Sene­Gence COLORS/GLOSS ❤YOU CHOOSE Prod­uct❤” was cre­at­ed. This prod­uct is posi­tioned to offer a solu­tion to the com­mon issues faced by indi­vid­u­als seek­ing long-last­ing and ver­sa­tile . It promis­es to deliv­er vibrant lip col­ors that stay put for up to 18 hours, elim­i­nat­ing the need for fre­quent touch-ups and the wor­ry of smudg­ing or fad­ing.

Addi­tion­al­ly, the exten­sive range of shades and gloss options ensures that there is a per­fect match for every occa­sion and pref­er­ence. LipSense caters to the desire for ver­sa­til­i­ty, allow­ing users to achieve var­i­ous looks with a sin­gle prod­uct.

Fur­ther­more, LipSense is for­mu­lat­ed with­out wax and GMOs, meet­ing the demand for safer cos­met­ics. It is cru­el­ty-free and man­u­fac­tured in the Unit­ed States, appeal­ing to con­sumers who pri­or­i­tize both prod­uct safe­ty and sup­port­ing domes­tic pro­duc­tion.

In sum­ma­ry, the prob­lem iden­ti­fi­ca­tion for this prod­uct revolves around the need for a lip col­or solu­tion that offers longevi­ty, ver­sa­til­i­ty, safe­ty, and peace of mind—a need that “New Sealed LipSense Sene­Gence COLORS/GLOSS ❤YOU CHOOSE Prod­uct❤” posi­tions itself to address effec­tive­ly.


Intro­duc­ing our 🥰🥰New Sealed LipSense Sene­Gence COLORS/GLOSS ❤YOU CHOOSE Prod­uct❤ UPDATED 9/10!

Are you tired of con­stant­ly reap­ply­ing your lip­stick through­out the day? Do you want a lip col­or that stays vibrant from morn­ing till night? Look no fur­ther! Our Long-last­ing LipSense lip col­ors are the answer to your beau­ty prayers.

Unleash Your Beau­ty Poten­tial

LipSense by Sene­Gence is not just any lip col­or; it’s a game-chang­er. Imag­ine hav­ing the pow­er to choose from a stun­ning array of lip­stick shades and lip gloss options. With our , your beau­ty options are as ver­sa­tile as your mood.

Expe­ri­ence True Longevi­ty

Our long-last­ing lip col­ors are for­mu­lat­ed to keep your lips look­ing flaw­less for up to 18 hours. Say good­bye to con­stant touch-ups and hel­lo to a lip col­or that stands the test of time. Whether you’re sip­ping your morn­ing cof­fee or enjoy­ing a night out, LipSense has got you cov­ered.

Vari­ety for Every Occa­sion

From clas­sic nude shades to bold and vibrant hues, our lip cos­met­ics offer a wide range of . Whether you want to fol­low the lat­est lip col­or trends or stick to your favorite , LipSense has the per­fect option for you.

Your Beau­ty, Your Way

At Sene­Gence, we under­stand that beau­ty is per­son­al. That’s why we empow­er you to make that suit your unique style and pref­er­ences. With LipSense, you’re not just choos­ing a lip col­or; you’re choos­ing to express your­self.

Always Fresh and Updat­ed

We know you like to stay on top of . That’s why our LipSense col­lec­tion is reg­u­lar­ly updat­ed with , ensur­ing you’re always in the know about the lat­est beau­ty trends.

The Per­fect Lip Col­or Awaits

Don’t set­tle for lip col­or options that fade away or trans­fer onto your cof­fee cup. Choose LipSense by Sene­Gence, the long-last­ing lip col­or that com­ple­ments your beau­ty, lasts all day, and gives you the con­fi­dence to con­quer the world.

Ele­vate your make­up choic­es, embrace lip col­or trends, and unlock a world of beau­ty pos­si­bil­i­ties with our 🥰🥰New Sealed LipSense Sene­Gence COLORS/GLOSS ❤YOU CHOOSE Prod­uct❤ UPDATED 9/10. Dis­cov­er the beau­ty of long-last­ing LipSense lip col­ors and expe­ri­ence a lip col­or like no oth­er. Say hel­lo to a new era of beau­ty, where your lip col­or options are as lim­it­less as your dreams. Take action today and step into a world of endur­ing beau­ty with LipSense by Sene­Gence.


  • Long-last­ing lip col­or that stays vibrant for up to 18 hours.
  • Wide vari­ety of shades and gloss options to choose from.
  • High­ly pig­ment­ed for rich and intense lip col­ors.
  • Smudge-resis­tant for­mu­la for a flaw­less look through­out the day.
  • Ver­sa­tile appli­ca­tion allows you to achieve your desired inten­si­ty.
  • Glossy fin­ish adds a touch of glam­our to your make­up.
  • For­mu­lat­ed with­out wax, GMOs, and cru­el­ty-free.
  • Con­tains sun pro­tec­tion for added lip care.
  • Water­proof for wor­ry-free wear.
  • Each prod­uct is full-sized at 0.25 oz.
  • Assort­ed shades to suit var­i­ous pref­er­ences.
  • Made in the Unit­ed States by Sene­gence Lip Col­or.
  • A per­fect addi­tion to your beau­ty rou­tine.


🌟 Unveil the Mag­ic of Long-last­ing LipSense Lip Col­ors! 🌟

Imag­ine a world where your lip col­or remains as vibrant and stun­ning as when you first applied it, hour after hour, sip after sip. Intro­duc­ing our 🥰 New Sealed LipSense Sene­Gence COLORS/GLOSS ❤YOU CHOOSE Prod­uct❤, the ulti­mate solu­tion for those who demand more from their lip col­or.

In a fast-paced world where every moment counts, LipSense offers the assur­ance that your lips will look flaw­less and cap­ti­vat­ing from morn­ing till night. No more smudges, no more fad­ing; just endur­ing beau­ty that mir­rors your con­fi­dence.

💄 Choose Your Sig­na­ture Shade: With an array of gor­geous hues and gloss options, you have the pow­er to express your­self like nev­er before. From sub­tle nudes to bold reds, LipSense has a shade for every mood and occa­sion.

✨ Beyond Beau­ty: LipSense isn’t just make­up; it’s a beau­ty essen­tial that com­ple­ments your lifestyle. Craft­ed with­out wax and GMOs, it’s your cru­el­ty-free, safe, and eth­i­cal choice.

💋 The LipSense Expe­ri­ence: Glide it on, let it dry, and watch as it trans­forms into a smudge-proof, kiss-proof, and water­proof mas­ter­piece. No more wor­ries about reap­ply­ing dur­ing your busy day.

Join the ranks of those who’ve dis­cov­ered the secret to long-last­ing, cap­ti­vat­ing lip col­or. Expe­ri­ence the con­fi­dence that comes with know­ing your lips are as radi­ant as your spir­it.

Indulge in LipSense, and let your lips tell a sto­ry of endurance, beau­ty, and unstop­pable con­fi­dence. 🚀💃

Unlock the mag­ic today! 💄✨


  • “Absolute­ly love these LipSense col­ors! They stay on like mag­ic, even through meals and long days.”
  • “The vari­ety of shades is amaz­ing. I can find a per­fect col­or for any occa­sion.”
  • “I’m impressed by the smudge-proof and kiss-proof qual­i­ties. LipSense is my go-to for long-last­ing beau­ty.”
  • “LipSense has become a must-have in my make­up rou­tine. The results speak for them­selves!”
  • “Safe, cru­el­ty-free, and vibrant – LipSense checks all the box­es for the per­fect lip col­or.”

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How to Use Long-last­ing LipSense Lip Col­ors:

  1. Prep Your Lips: Start with clean, dry lips. Remove any old lip col­or or residue for a fresh can­vas.
  2. Shake the Tube: Before use, shake your LipSense lip col­or tube well. This ensures that the for­mu­la is thor­ough­ly mixed.

  3. Apply LipSense: Using the appli­ca­tor, apply a thin, even lay­er of LipSense to your lips. Be pre­cise, as it’s impor­tant not to over­lap the col­or.

  4. Let It Dry: Allow the first lay­er to dry for about 5–10 sec­onds. Keep your lips apart dur­ing this time.

  5. Repeat if Desired: If you want a bold­er look, apply addi­tion­al lay­ers fol­low­ing the same process. For most, three lay­ers are ide­al.

  6. Seal with Gloss: Fin­ish your look by apply­ing LipSense Gloss. This not only seals the col­or but also adds a beau­ti­ful shine.

  7. Main­tain: Through­out the day, your LipSense lip col­or will stay in place. If you want to fresh­en up, sim­ply reap­ply the gloss.

  8. Remove at Night: At the end of the day, remove your LipSense lip col­or using an oil-based make­up remover.

Enjoy your long-last­ing, gor­geous lip col­or that won’t smudge or fade!


Cer­tain­ly, here is a list of FAQs for the prod­uct page:

  1. What is LipSense by Sene­Gence?
    • LipSense by Sene­Gence is a long-last­ing lip col­or that offers vibrant and endur­ing beau­ty.
  2. How long does LipSense lip col­or last?

    • LipSense lip col­ors can last up to 18 hours, pro­vid­ing you with all-day wear.
  3. Do I need to reap­ply LipSense through­out the day?

    • No, LipSense elim­i­nates the need for fre­quent touch-ups, as it remains vibrant and smudge-resis­tant.
  4. How many shades are avail­able in the LipSense col­lec­tion?

    • The LipSense col­lec­tion offers a wide vari­ety of shades and gloss options to choose from.
  5. Is LipSense pig­ment­ed?

    • Yes, LipSense lip col­ors are high­ly pig­ment­ed, deliv­er­ing rich and intense shades.
  6. Does LipSense smudge eas­i­ly?

    • LipSense is known for its smudge-resis­tant for­mu­la, even dur­ing extend­ed wear.
  7. Is LipSense easy to apply?

    • While there is a slight learn­ing curve, LipSense becomes eas­i­er to apply with prac­tice. Clear instruc­tions are includ­ed.
  8. Can I mix LipSense shades to cre­ate my own cus­tom col­or?

    • Yes, you can mix LipSense shades to cre­ate a unique and per­son­al­ized lip col­or.
  9. Does LipSense come with a gloss?

    • LipSense is best used with LipSense Gloss to seal the col­or and pro­vide a glossy fin­ish.
  10. Is LipSense suit­able for sen­si­tive skin?

    • LipSense is for­mu­lat­ed to be safe for most skin types, but it’s always rec­om­mend­ed to do a patch test first if you have sen­si­tive skin.

“Hur­ry, grab your Long-last­ing LipSense lip col­ors now! 🔥 Lim­it­ed stock avail­able. Don’t miss out on the ulti­mate lip col­or expe­ri­ence! 💄✨ #GetLip­sThat­Last”

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Expe­ri­ence Endur­ing Beau­ty with Long-last­ing LipSense Lip Col­ors!

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Revitalize Your Look with Long-lasting LipSense Lip Colors
Revitalize Your Look with Long-lasting LipSense Lip Colors


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