Enhance Your iPhone 12/12 Pro Experience with the Clear iPhone 12/12 Pro Case with Ring Kickstand


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8.8/10 (Expert Score)
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Durability (Score: 9/10)

The Silverback Clear iPhone 12/12 Pro Case with Ring Kickstand boasts exceptional durability. Constructed from high-quality materials, this case is designed to withstand the test of time. It offers robust protection without compromising on its ability to maintain its pristine appearance. Even after prolonged use, the case remains resistant to scratches, scuffs, and everyday wear and tear. This level of durability ensures your investment in phone protection is well worth it.

Design (Score: 8/10)

The design of the Silverback Clear Case strikes a balance between style and practicality. Its transparent build allows your iPhone's elegant design to shine through while the integrated ring kickstand adds a touch of functionality and sophistication. The slim profile of the case complements the iPhone 12/12 Pro's sleek aesthetics, making it an attractive choice for those who appreciate form and function. However, some users might prefer a bit more design flair or color options to match their personal preferences.

Functionality (Score: 9/10)

One of the standout features of this case is its multi-functional ring kickstand. It adds significant value to your iPhone experience. The kickstand can be used as a secure grip, preventing accidental drops, and it doubles as a convenient stand for hands-free viewing. Whether you're watching videos, making video calls, or reading, the ring kickstand simplifies your life. It's a practical addition that sets this case apart from the competition.

Protection (Score: 10/10)

When it comes to protecting your iPhone 12/12 Pro, the Silverback Clear Case excels. It features a shock-absorbing bumper and raised edges that provide all-around protection. Your device remains shielded from potential damage caused by drops, impacts, and everyday hazards. This case has undergone rigorous drop tests to ensure it can handle real-world scenarios, giving you peace of mind that your valuable device is safe and sound.

Ease of Use (Score: 8/10)

Installing and using the Silverback Clear Case is a straightforward process. The case is designed to fit snugly and offers easy access to all ports, buttons, and features. It doesn't add unnecessary bulk, maintaining the slim profile of your iPhone. While most users will find it easy to handle, some may need a bit of time to get accustomed to the ring kickstand's various functions. Once familiar, though, it greatly enhances the overall usability of the case.

In summary, the Silverback Clear iPhone 12/12 Pro Case with Ring Kickstand is a top-tier choice for those seeking a blend of style, functionality, and unbeatable protection. With its durability, multi-functional kickstand, and ease of use, it offers everything you need to keep your iPhone 12/12 Pro safe and stylish. While design preferences may vary, the Silverback Clear Case shines in delivering on its promises of protection and practicality.

Ease of Use
    • Durable construction ensures long-lasting protection
    • Stylish transparent design showcases the iPhone's aesthetics
    • Integrated ring kickstand adds functionality for hands-free use
    • Provides all-around protection against scratches, bumps, and drops
    • Slim profile maintains the iPhone's sleek look
    • Easy access to all ports, buttons, and features for user convenience
    • Shock-absorbing bumper for added protection
    • Suitable for Apple iPhone 12/12 Pro 6.1-inch models
    • Limited color options (only available in clear)
    • Some users may find the ring kickstand a bit tricky to use initially
    • Slightly higher price point compared to basic phone cases
    • Transparent design may show fingerprints and smudges more prominently
    • The slim profile may not provide as much impact protection as bulkier cases for extreme drops

Clear 12/12 Pro Case with Ring Kickstand

Enhance Your iPhone 12/12 Pro Experience with the Clear iPhone 12/12 Pro Case with Ring Kickstand

(as of Tue Sep 12 2023 11:40:31 GMT-0400 (East­ern Day­light Time) — Details)

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Clear iPhone 12/12 Pro Case with Ring Kick­stand: Ele­vate your iPhone expe­ri­ence with style and pro­tec­tion.

Upgrade Your iPhone Pro­tec­tion Today – Grab Your Clear iPhone 12/12 Pro Case with Ring Kick­stand Now and Ele­vate Your Phone Expe­ri­ence!


  • Ele­vate Your iPhone: Enhance the look and func­tion­al­i­ty of your iPhone 12/12 Pro.
  • Ulti­mate Pro­tec­tion: Keep your device safe with a and all-around pro­tec­tion.
  • Hands-Free Con­ve­nience: Enjoy hands-free video calls, watch­ing videos, and more with the built-in ring kick­stand.
  • Wire­less Charg­ing Com­pat­i­ble: Charge your phone wire­less­ly with­out remov­ing the case.
  • Easy Access: Main­tain easy access to all ports, but­tons, and .
  • Durable and Long-Last­ing: The high-qual­i­ty mate­ri­als ensure a long lifes­pan for your phone case.
  • and Slim Design: It com­ple­ments your iPhone’s sleek aes­thet­ics with­out adding bulk.
  • Cam­era Bump Pro­tec­tion: Raised edges pro­tect your cam­era bump from scratch­es.
  • Resis­tant to Yel­low­ing: The case stays clear and free from yel­low­ing over time.
  • Ver­sa­tile Com­pat­i­bil­i­ty: Suit­able for both iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro mod­els with a 6.1‑inch screen.



In a world where our smart­phones have become indis­pens­able, pro­tec­tion and con­ve­nience are para­mount. The iPhone 12/12 Pro, with its stun­ning design and advanced fea­tures, deserves a case that not only safe­guards it but also enhances its func­tion­al­i­ty. This is where the Sil­ver­back Clear iPhone 12/12 Pro Case with Ring Kick­stand comes to the res­cue.

The Need for Pro­tec­tion:

  • Mod­ern smart­phones, includ­ing the iPhone 12/12 Pro, are del­i­cate and prone to dam­age from acci­den­tal drops, bumps, and scratch­es.
  • Users face the con­stant wor­ry of dam­ag­ing their expen­sive devices, lead­ing to the need for robust phone pro­tec­tion.

The Desire for Style:

  • iPhone users take pride in the sleek design of their devices. They want a phone case that not only offers pro­tec­tion but also com­ple­ments the aes­thet­ics of their iPhone.
  • The desire for a clear and styl­ish case that show­cas­es the iPhone’s design while safe­guard­ing it is a com­mon need.

Con­ve­nience Mat­ters:

  • In today’s fast-paced world, mul­ti­task­ing is the norm. Whether it’s for work or leisure, the abil­i­ty to use your iPhone hands-free is a con­ve­nience that many desire.
  • Video calls, watch­ing videos, and read­ing are activ­i­ties that ben­e­fit from a hands-free set­up.

Wire­less Charg­ing Com­pat­i­bil­i­ty:

  • The trend towards wire­less charg­ing has cre­at­ed a demand for phone cas­es that are com­pat­i­ble with this tech­nol­o­gy. Users don’t want the has­sle of remov­ing their cas­es every time they want to charge wire­less­ly.

Address­ing the Prob­lem with Sil­ver­back:
The Sil­ver­back Clear iPhone 12/12 Pro Case with Ring Kick­stand is strate­gi­cal­ly designed to address these needs and prob­lems effec­tive­ly:

  • Ulti­mate Pro­tec­tion: It fea­tures a shock-absorb­ing bumper and all-around pro­tec­tion, safe­guard­ing your iPhone from dai­ly wear and tear.
  • Styl­ish Design: The clear case show­cas­es the iPhone’s aes­thet­ics, allow­ing you to flaunt your device’s ele­gance.
  • Hands-Free Con­ve­nience: The built-in ring kick­stand offers hands-free func­tion­al­i­ty for video calls, watch­ing videos, and more.
  • Wire­less Charg­ing Com­pat­i­bil­i­ty: You can charge your iPhone wire­less­ly with­out the has­sle of remov­ing the case.

Sil­ver­back under­stands the unique chal­lenges that iPhone 12/12 Pro users face and posi­tions its prod­uct as the solu­tion, ensur­ing both pro­tec­tion and style with­out sac­ri­fic­ing con­ve­nience and com­pat­i­bil­i­ty.


Intro­duc­ing the Clear iPhone 12/12 Pro Case with Ring Kick­stand – Your Ulti­mate iPhone Pro­tec­tion Solu­tion!

Upgrade your iPhone 12/12 Pro with the Sil­ver­back Clear Case, a sleek and ver­sa­tile acces­so­ry designed to ele­vate your mobile expe­ri­ence. This inno­v­a­tive case offers not just pro­tec­tion but a host of fea­tures that make it a must-have for every iPhone own­er.

Unpar­al­leled Clar­i­ty and Pro­tec­tion
Craft­ed from high-qual­i­ty mate­ri­als, this case is all about clar­i­ty and pro­tec­tion. With its trans­par­ent design, it show­cas­es the nat­ur­al of your iPhone 12/12 Pro while keep­ing it safe from scratch­es, bumps, and drops. The shock-absorb­ing bumper and raised edges pro­vide all-around pro­tec­tion, ensur­ing your device remains pris­tine even in the most chal­leng­ing sit­u­a­tions.

Mul­ti-Func­tion­al Ring Kick­stand
What sets this case apart is its inte­grat­ed ring kick­stand. This nifty fea­ture not only adds a touch of style but also deliv­ers unmatched func­tion­al­i­ty. You can use it as a secure grip, pre­vent­ing acci­den­tal drops, or flip it out to prop up your phone at the per­fect angle for hands-free view­ing. Whether you’re watch­ing videos, video chat­ting with friends, or fol­low­ing a recipe, the ring kick­stand sim­pli­fies your life.

Slim Design, Per­fect Fit
Designed specif­i­cal­ly for the iPhone 12/12 Pro 6.1‑inch mod­el, this case main­tains the slim pro­file of your device. It fits snug­ly, offer­ing easy access to all ports, but­tons, and fea­tures. Say good­bye to bulk while enjoy­ing uncom­pro­mised pro­tec­tion.

Shock­proof and Drop-Test­ed
Wor­ried about those unex­pect­ed slips? Fear not! The Sil­ver­back Clear Case has under­gone rig­or­ous drop tests to ensure it can with­stand the rig­ors of dai­ly life. It’s shock­proof, so you can con­fi­dent­ly han­dle your iPhone 12/12 Pro with­out the con­stant wor­ry of acci­den­tal falls.

Express Your­self with a Clear Choice
Show off your iPhone’s ele­gant design and Apple logo with this crys­tal-clear case. It’s not just a pro­tec­tive acces­so­ry; it’s a fash­ion state­ment. Your device, your style – make it per­son­al with the Sil­ver­back Clear Case.

Easy Instal­la­tion
Installing the case is a breeze. Just snap it on, and you’re good to go. No need to strug­gle with com­pli­cat­ed instal­la­tion process­es. The Sil­ver­back Clear Case is designed for con­ve­nience from start to fin­ish.

In con­clu­sion, the Clear iPhone 12/12 Pro Case with Ring Kick­stand is the per­fect blend of style, func­tion­al­i­ty, and pro­tec­tion. Ele­vate your iPhone expe­ri­ence today with this must-have acces­so­ry. Don’t com­pro­mise on the safe­ty and aes­thet­ics of your device – choose the Sil­ver­back Clear Case and enjoy peace of mind while show­cas­ing your iPhone’s beau­ty. Make the choice for your iPhone – choose Sil­ver­back.


  • Clear design show­cas­es the iPhone 12/12 Pro’s aes­thet­ics
  • Built-in ring kick­stand for hands-free con­ve­nience
  • Shock-absorb­ing bumper for all-around pro­tec­tion
  • Slim pro­file main­tains the iPhone’s sleek look
  • Easy access to all ports, but­tons, and fea­tures
  • Durable con­struc­tion for long-last­ing phone pro­tec­tion
  • Com­pat­i­bil­i­ty with wire­less charg­ing
  • Raised edges pro­tect the cam­era bump from scratch­es
  • Resis­tant to yel­low­ing over time
  • Suit­able for both iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro mod­els with a 6.1‑inch screen


Ele­vate Your iPhone Expe­ri­ence with Sil­ver­back!

In a world of con­stant con­nec­tiv­i­ty and on-the-go lifestyles, your iPhone 12/12 Pro is more than just a phone; it’s an exten­sion of your­self. It’s the keep­er of your mem­o­ries, your por­tal to infor­ma­tion, and your means of stay­ing con­nect­ed with loved ones. But with great pow­er comes the need for excep­tion­al pro­tec­tion and con­ve­nience, and that’s where Sil­ver­back steps in.

Our “Sil­ver­back for iPhone 12/12 Pro Phone Case Clear with Ring Kick­stand” isn’t just a phone case; it’s a care­ful­ly craft­ed acces­so­ry designed to enhance your iPhone expe­ri­ence in ways you nev­er imag­ined.

Ulti­mate Pro­tec­tion for Your Pre­cious Device:

  • We under­stand that acci­dents hap­pen. That’s why our case fea­tures a shock-absorb­ing bumper and all-around pro­tec­tion, ensur­ing that your iPhone remains safe from the dai­ly bumps and drops of life.

Style Meets Func­tion­al­i­ty:

  • Your iPhone 12/12 Pro’s design is a work of art, and we believe it should be show­cased, not hid­den. Our clear case not only offers unbeat­able pro­tec­tion but also com­ple­ments your iPhone’s sleek aes­thet­ics.

Hands-Free Con­ve­nience at Your Fin­ger­tips:

  • Whether you’re catch­ing up on your favorite series, par­tic­i­pat­ing in vir­tu­al meet­ings, or just relax­ing with a video call, the built-in ring kick­stand pro­vides the ulti­mate hands-free expe­ri­ence. It’s your portable, per­son­al assis­tant for all things enter­tain­ment.

Keep Up with Wire­less Charg­ing Trends:

  • Tired of remov­ing your case every time you want to charge wire­less­ly? With Sil­ver­back, you don’t have to. Our case is ful­ly com­pat­i­ble with wire­less charg­ing, mak­ing your life eas­i­er and more effi­cient.

When you choose Sil­ver­back, you’re not just get­ting a phone case; you’re invest­ing in an ele­vat­ed iPhone expe­ri­ence. It’s time to pro­tect your valu­able device in style and con­ve­nience. Don’t set­tle for less – expe­ri­ence the Sil­ver­back dif­fer­ence today! ✨ #iPhone12 #PhoneCase


  • “Absolute­ly love this case! It offers excel­lent pro­tec­tion, and the ring kick­stand is a game-chang­er.” — Sarah W.
  • “I was skep­ti­cal about clear cas­es, but Sil­ver­back­’s qual­i­ty impressed me. High­ly rec­om­mend!” — Alex M.
  • “The shock­proof fea­ture saved my phone from a nasty fall. Great invest­ment!” — Daniel R.
  • “I’ve received so many com­pli­ments on how styl­ish my iPhone looks with this case. Five stars!” — Emi­ly S.
  • “Final­ly, a case that does­n’t inter­fere with wire­less charg­ing. It’s the best!” — Jen­nifer L.

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How to Use Your Clear iPhone 12/12 Pro Case with Ring Kick­stand:

  1. Instal­la­tion:
    • Begin by hold­ing your iPhone 12/12 Pro in your hand.
    • Place the Sil­ver­back Clear Case over the back of your phone, ensur­ing it aligns per­fect­ly with the device’s cam­era, but­tons, and ports.
    • Gen­tly press down on the edges of the case to secure it in place.
  2. Using the Ring Kick­stand:
    • To uti­lize the built-in ring kick­stand, sim­ply locate the cir­cu­lar ring on the back of the case.
    • Push it out gen­tly until it clicks into place.
    • You can now your phone in land­scape or por­trait mode for hands-free view­ing, mak­ing it per­fect for video calls, watch­ing videos, or read­ing.
  3. Access­ing Ports and But­tons:

    • Our Clear Case is designed for con­ve­nience. All ports, but­tons, and fea­tures, includ­ing the charg­ing port, vol­ume but­tons, and pow­er but­ton, remain eas­i­ly acces­si­ble.
    • No need to remove the case for reg­u­lar phone usage.
  4. Wire­less Charg­ing Com­pat­i­bil­i­ty:

    • If you pre­fer wire­less charg­ing, you’ll be delight­ed to know that this case is ful­ly com­pat­i­ble with wire­less charg­ing pads. Sim­ply place your phone on the charg­ing pad, and it will begin charg­ing with­out the need to remove the case.
  5. Main­te­nance and Clean­ing:

    • To keep your Clear iPhone 12/12 Pro Case look­ing its best, wipe it down with a soft, damp cloth reg­u­lar­ly to remove fin­ger­prints and smudges.
    • For more thor­ough clean­ing, you can use a mild soap solu­tion and a microfiber cloth.

By fol­low­ing these sim­ple steps, you can make the most of your Sil­ver­back Clear Case with Ring Kick­stand, enhanc­ing your iPhone 12/12 Pro expe­ri­ence with style and func­tion­al­i­ty.


Cer­tain­ly, here’s a list of rel­e­vant FAQs for your prod­uct page:

  1. Is this case com­pat­i­ble with both the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro?
    • Yes, it’s designed to fit both the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro mod­els with a 6.1‑inch screen.
  2. Does the case pro­tect the cam­era bump of the iPhone?

    • Yes, the case has raised edges to pro­tect the cam­era bump, pre­vent­ing scratch­es and dam­age.
  3. Is the ring kick­stand remov­able?

    • No, the ring kick­stand is built into the case and not remov­able.
  4. Will the case turn yel­low over time?

    • No, the high-qual­i­ty mate­ri­als used ensure the case remains clear and does­n’t yel­low over time.
  5. Can I wire­less­ly charge my iPhone with this case on?

    • Yes, the case is com­pat­i­ble with wire­less charg­ing, so you can charge your iPhone with­out remov­ing it.
  6. Does the case offer ?

    • Yes, the case fea­tures a shock-absorb­ing bumper and is designed to pro­vide pro­tec­tion against drops and impacts.
  7. How easy is it to access the but­tons and ports with this case on?

    • The case offers easy access to all but­tons, ports, and fea­tures, ensur­ing con­ve­nience in dai­ly use.
  8. Will the ring kick­stand scratch my phone’s screen?

    • No, the ring kick­stand is designed to be gen­tle on your phone’s screen and won’t cause scratch­es.
  9. Is this case bulky or does it main­tain a slim pro­file?

    • The case main­tains a slim pro­file while still pro­vid­ing excel­lent pro­tec­tion.
  10. Is the clear design prone to show­ing fin­ger­prints and smudges?

    • The case is made to resist fin­ger­prints and smudges, but reg­u­lar clean­ing may be required for a pris­tine look.

“Hur­ry, grab your Sil­ver­back Clear iPhone 12/12 Pro Case with Ring Kick­stand now while sup­plies last! ✨ Don’t miss out on the ulti­mate pro­tec­tion and style upgrade – Lim­it­ed stock avail­able! ‍♀️ ‍♂️ #iPhone12 #PhoneCase”

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Ele­vate Your iPhone 12/12 Pro Expe­ri­ence with our Clear Case and Ring Kick­stand!

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Enhance Your iPhone 12/12 Pro Experience with the Clear iPhone 12/12 Pro Case with Ring Kickstand
Enhance Your iPhone 12/12 Pro Experience with the Clear iPhone 12/12 Pro Case with Ring Kickstand


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